eventScribe Floor Plan

An engaging interactive event floor plan.

Customize Booths Easily

CadmiumCD's event technology allows you to add, delete, resize, move and edit booth details with ease. Create custom sized booths, or use a default 10' x 10' size. You can always choose to modify a booth later.

View It the Way You Want

The floor plan is accessible anywhere and integrates with all CadmiumCD products. View presentations and audio, draw on slides, and create your own plan. Customize the eventScribe mobile event app to fit your Conference's needs.

Handle Booth Payments

Tailer-made information available for exhibitors include logos, extended descriptions, extra category selections, uploading videos, and much more. Exhibitors and sponsors can make payments directly in CadmiumCD's integrated data management system.

Attendees Love It

Our Interactive Floor Plan isn't just convenient for conference organizers, it also redefines your attendees' conference experience.

Social Features

Tweet and Like exhibitors with the touch of a button.

Mobile Friendly

Access content from both mobile and traditional platforms.


Layouts and floor plans can be made to match your brand.

Stay Organized

Create booths that are aligned and organized with CadmiumCD custom rules.

View Map Types

Toggle through different map views, so you can see it the way you want.

Quick Information

Hover over each booth to view the company name, status, and booth number.

More features we offer:

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