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Welcome to 2021 IPF Virtual
The International Partnering Forum (IPF) is the largest offshore wind energy conference in the Western Hemisphere. This year, IPF will take place virtually and in-person. The conference kicks off virtually on April 22, followed by two more IPF Virtual events on May 13 and June 17 (view the full list and program) and concludes with IPF Together (view the conference program) on August 24 through 26 in Richmond, Virginia.

The April event will focus on Offshore Wind Expansion, May on developments within the Biden Administration’s first 100 Days, and June on Health, Safety & Environment. We’re splitting the vast amount of educational content and networking opportunities into virtual and in-person events to provide you with timely important technical and policy information you need for your business and allow for more dedicated, in-person networking at the August IPF Together. Visit the 2021 IPF website for more information about the in-person conference, including the Exhibit Hall, in-person WindMatch, schedule updates, and more.

One registration for all three days. Register for IPF Virtual here!

April 22 – Expansion  
The global offshore wind energy industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. In particular, the groundbreaking support of the U.S. federal government is setting up the industry to move forward rapidly. Offshore wind is poised to contribute to climate change solutions as well as play a leading role in establishing inclusive business models for the global and U.S. supply chain. The time for offshore wind is now – how can you transform your business to play a role in this rapidly expanding industry? Join us on April 22 for four sessions with industry leaders who will discuss the current areas of expansion contributing to the success of offshore wind and where we go from here.
May 13 – The First One Hundred Days: Offshore Wind Kicks into High Gear
January 20 started the clock on what will be a historic period for offshore wind energy in the United States. Within its first week in office, the Biden Administration issued an Executive Order to double offshore wind by 2030 – initiating the Administration’s plans to reshape the country’s energy policy and achieve a clean energy grid by 2035. Since then, the Biden Administration has taken a series of actions that will affect the offshore wind for the next decade and guide federal agencies that oversee industry growth. In response to these and other anticipated policy actions, the offshore wind industry is shifting focus to key aspects of the supply chain and resolving barriers that impede project development. Join industry leaders and public officials to discuss the impact of federal policy changes and market reaction.
June 17 – Safety First 
Maintaining a safe environment for the offshore wind energy workforce is critical as the industry moves forward. How can developers implement new BSEE health and safety guidelines? What can be learned from CVOW, the first offshore wind project in U.S. federal waters to reach commercial operation? How can workers from other energy industries safely transition to offshore wind? Panelists from government agencies and industry will provide insights, including critical updates from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) that address how to implement regulatory practices and health and safety protocols for workers.
Questions about the 2021 IPF Program? Contact speakers(at) for more information. View the complete list of FAQs.

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