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Registration Information for SSO 2021

Click here to begin the SSO 2021 registration process.


SSO 2021 Registration Fees

SSO Member Physician/Scientist
SSO Member International
SSO Emeritus or SSO Member Allied Health Care Provider
SSO Member Fellow, Resident, or Medical Student
Non-Member Physician/Scientist
Non-Member International
Non-Member Fellow, Resident, or Medical Student
Non-Member Allied Health Care Provider or Pharma

Feb 15

Feb 16

If you are wishing to pay via check, registration forms can be requested by contacting and a $25 processing fee will be assessed. Wire transfers will not be accepted.

Registration Cancellation Policy

Due to the immediate, on-demand availability of this content to meeting registrants, cancellations and refunds are not available.

Questions? Contact the SSO 2021 Registration Center 

Phone: 703-449-6418 

Agents are available to help you from 8:30 am-5 pm (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday. The SSO Registration Center will be closed on weekends and holidays.