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(185) Introducing ATLAS: a Quality Measurement System for Addiction Treatment


Shannon Biello, MPH – Program Manager, Shatterproof


Session/Poster Description: Use of evidence-based practices in addiction treatment varies widely. While some facilities offer clinically effective medical treatment, others employ ineffective and outdated methodologies that result in poor patient outcomes. According to SAMHSA, 20% of adults who felt the need for addiction treatment indicated not knowing where to go as a reason for forgoing treatment – underscoring the need for systems that help individuals locate quality care.

Shatterproof intends to rectify this with ATLAS, a web- and app-based platform that allows those searching for high-quality addiction treatment to locate and compare available programs. This free public resource will display trustworthy, standardized facility quality data from three sources: a validated treatment facility survey, insurance claims, and a patient experience survey. Additionally, ATLAS will promote quality improvement by providing portals for facilities, payers, and states to review and leverage data for innovations in addiction treatment.

This session will describe the ATLAS pilot implementation, led by Shatterproof with support from RTI International, in select states over two years. Year 1 included measure identification and refinement through a NQF Expert Panel Strategy Session and public comment period, feasibility testing of survey items and claims measures, and pilot testing of the patient experience survey. This presentation will include data collected and analyzed in Year 2 prior to the May 2020 website launch.

Ultimately, Shatterproof intends to scale ATLAS to serve patients, family members, providers, and other stakeholders nationally and remains committed to using data-based indicators as catalysts for systems- and policy-level changes in addiction treatment.

Contributors: Samantha Arsenault, MA; Tami Mark, PhD, MBA

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