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1- WatchPAT ONE - Fully Disposable HSAT New Product Icon 

Itamar Medical

Booth: 313

WatchPAT ONE offers the same simplicity, accuracy, and reliability as other WatchPAT products. The simple smartphone app transmits the WatchPAT ONE's data from 7 channels ( (PAT signal, heart rate, oximetry, actigraphy, body position, snoring, and chest motion) to the cloud. Within one-minute post-study, the raw data is downloaded and auto-scored differentiating obstructive and central events, providing an AHI, AHIc, RDI and ODI based upon True Sleep Time and Sleep Staging. WatchPAT ONE's single-use design increases infection control by eliminating return shipment and multi-use. It also improves workflow by providing immediate access to sleep data and study results for interpretation anytime, anywhere with a cloud-based solution.


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