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Recalls are low-probability, high-consequence situations. With the right end-to-end planning by our recall professionals, you can maintain customer loyalty during — and after — a recall event. Before a recall even occurs, Inmar supports manufacturers with consulting and planning services, such as auditing and mock recalls, to ensure seamless execution at a moment’s notice. When the time comes, we’ll guide you through all aspects of managing a recall; from initial notification through final product disposition. Our Recall Product Management web app provides on-demand access to current and historical recall information, so you can easily manage a recall and generate standardized reports for regulatory agencies. You’ll also be able to limit notifications to only pharmacies that have purchased the recalled product, and will have insight into business responses from pharmacies. To keep things running smoothly, our Recall Analytics web application provides insight into all steps of the process, and proactively helps identify any additional corrective actions you should take to make sure you meet regulatory expectations. Let’s talk about how our recall solution can bring efficiency to your process and reduce exposure of your brand.

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