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Compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act means you have to be able to trace the full transaction history of every medication throughout the supply chain. Achieving this is only getting more urgent and failure to comply is not an option. The DSCSA is a requirement for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and dispensers. On average counterfeit drugs cost the global pharma industry over $75 Billion and estimates according to the WHO over 1 million people die from counterfeit drugs. The Inmar RxT DSCSA platform is a cloud-based highly secure, scalable service. The platform is designed to capture everyday activity in tracking the drug pedigree throughout the pharma supply chain. The Inmar platform easily accounts for changes in ownership whether due to borrow/loan/sell/return scenarios. Utilizing the Inmar RxT DSCSA solution will enable you to meet current regulation requirements as well as future mandates.

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