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Bio-Defense Network

The ladder of pandemic recovery has two legs, testing and contact tracing, and Bio-Defense Network offers an inventive resource for health departments to engage university graduate students to conduct remote contact tracing. The company has established a cadre of public health, nursing and allied health graduate students, graduates and alumni who work on an hourly basis to reach out to COVID-19 cases to conduct in-depth interviews to determine the source of their infection and to identify those who they may have inadvertently infected. It is a key element of the crucial “test and trace” effort and can be accomplished at a modest rate of $25 an hour per contact tracer while showing excellent results. Bio-Defense Network handles the details, we recruit highly-educated and well-trained students from leading universities, manage their efforts and ensure quality control. Take the headache out of contact tracing and let Bio-Defense Network be your outsourcing partner.

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