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EV-RNA is relatively stable, not protein-bound, and more instructive of cell-to-cell communication mapping, making it a central player to identify miRNA signatures to analyze disease progression, therapy monitoring, and risk assessment of new drugs or environmental chemicals. Izon’s qEV-AFC platform can sub-fractionate pure EV volume from common biofluids having maximum functionality, purity, and integrity. The qEV RNA Extraction Kit can be used to extract high-quality EV-RNA from purified EVs and collected into a flexible elution volume ranging from 50 µL to 100 µL allowing a standardizable and repeatable EV-RNA workflow with least variability and bias. Standard techniques like qPCR, microarrays, and Next Generation Sequencing (e.g. small RNA sequencing, deep sequencing) can be conveniently used to evaluate gene-based benchmarks (e.g. miRNA expression) in clinical samples.

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