qEV-AFC Platform

IZON Science Ltd

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Izon's qEV columns are based on Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) and take around 15 minutes to get a pure sample of intact EVs. The isolated EVs are free from soluble proteins (< 1%) making the EV volume significantly purer than concentration methods such as ultracentrifugation (UC) or precipitation reagent kits. Izon’s Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC) automates the overall EV isolation process, eliminating human error and enabling a high-precision and streamlined workflow. All qEV columns are available in one of two isolation ranges, the qEV / 35nm series and the qEV / 70nm series. For optimal recovery of particles between 35 and 350 nm, a qEV / 35nm series column is recommended. For optimal recovery of particles between 70 and 1000 nm, a qEV / 70nm series column is recommended. The resulting EV sub-fractions yield intact EVs that are standardizable and repeatable for a variety of downstream applications like EV-RNA analysis, proteomics and western blot analysis.

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