TRPS Measurement

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The precision, resolution, and accuracy of size measurement in TRPS is unmatched by any other nanoparticle analysis technique. The transient current pulse caused by a particle traversing the pore is directly proportional to particle volume, enabling a highly precise and repeatable measurement of size; in ideal conditions, TRPS offers sub nanometric resolution of diameter. Every particle measured is compared to a set of NIST traceable calibration particles of known size, which ensures accuracy and repeatability. The qNano Gold can be conveniently used to measure your Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) in as less as 20 minutes from routine biofluids like plasma, urine and cell culture supernatants. High-resolution measurement of heterogenous EV sub-populations can be achieved for a standardized high-throughput screening. Electrophoretic mobility measurements using TRPS ensures that any differences in the surface charge of individual EV sub-populations are fully captured.

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