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Attendance and PDH Certificates

Attendance Reporting

ASLA uses an electronic tracking system for education programs to provide attendance verification. To be counted, attendees must signin within the first 10 minutes of a session and stay until the session concludes.

Following the conference, an attendee may obtain a certificate providing proof of the PDH earned. Attendance certification based on this data will be available from the time you are at the conference, and will remain active on the ASLA website for 7 years.

While accessing your attendance report, you will need to pass a short quiz and submit feedback for individual sessions you attended. LA CES distance education guidelines require attendees to receive a 75% or higher. 

The exact number of hours accepted for licensure purposes may vary by state, but ASLA has made every effort to structure educational opportunities that adhere to the most widely acknowledged guidelines of state registration boards requiring continuing education. Specific questions should be directed to your state licensing board.

Past conference attendance records can be found here.

Note: ASLA cannot alter attendance records that are more than 6 months old.