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If you are unable to hear any sound at all, be sure your speakers are turned on, and you are not set to Mute within the live stream window. When the stream begins, you may see a message that says something like “Click here to unmute.”

To log into a video chat be sure you are only logged into the conference once.

If the slides or speaker appear blurry at any point, it may be an internet connectivity issue. If you know that your connection is good, and you refresh your screen, but the images are still distorted, the issue is with the speaker’s connectivity. Our technical team will do our best to remedy the speaker’s connectivity issue.

If you are having trouble with the video feed or are not seeing any video at all during the time of the Live Stream event refresh your browser. You can do this by clicking the circular refresh icon beside the URL or holding down Ctrl + R buttons on your keyboard on a desktop/laptop.

You can also increase/decrease the resolution value of the stream. In the bottom right corner, you may see a number like 1080p. This is the highest resolution, and most recommended. If you see a number lower than 1080p, click on the number to adjust the resolution.

Best Practices for Virtual Events

Internet speed is shared – during virtual events turn off wi-fi enabled devices.

These may include:

  • Wi-Fi cameras, doorbells, appliances, etc.
  • Stop downloads, uploads, etc.
  • Exit other apps on your device such as Netflix, Spotify, etc.
  • Turn off all unnecessary programs running on your device.
  • Ask other users of your internet and Wi-Fi to refrain from the above listed usage during the event

Maximize your Internet speed and optimize device

  • Restart your router (and modem if separate)
  • Keep router away from obstacles such as thick walls or metal and position yourself close to the router
  • Plug computer directly into hardline through Ethernet cable
  • Run antivirus software, make sure device is working properly prior to event
  • Test device prior to event at the same time of day
  • If you experience video glitches or slowness, turn off video and wait one minute for the stream to regulate. Then turn the video back on.

Before Calling, Please Check Our Attendee Resources

Learn How to Use the Audience Response System (Q & A Board)

Learn How to Participate in a Live Chat

Learn How to View the Livestream (With Troubleshooting Tips)

Please see below for Technical Support contact information.

ASLA Team Support and Registration Questions


Phone: (202) 898 2444

CadmiumCD Phone Support

(410) 638 9239

9am - 9pm ET, Monday - Friday