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QEZ® Bedside Kits

Inadequate endoscope precleaning practices have consequences that can put your patients at serious risk of infection. While outbreaks are on the rise, facilities still find it difficult to adopt and implement an effective precleaning protocol.
At Certol we understand the compliance challenge. This is exactly why we’ve developed our QEZ® Bedside Kits; a product that’s not only easy to use, but also highly effective in helping you maintain compliance standards, from the beginning.

There are several bedside cleaning options in the market today. And many come in a convenient, premixed, diluted enzyme solution. Often times however, clinicians are working with inactive enzymes. Prediluted enzyme solutions are frequently unable to stabilize enzymes and over time, enzymes cannibalize each other, rendering them ineffective. This means clinics and hospitals are trying to perform one of the most critical steps in the cleaning process without a viable weapon for the microbial enemies hidden within scope channels.
QEZ® Bedside Kits come with a cylinder sponge saturated in a concentrated, non-foaming four enzyme formula. The enzymes aren’t activated until they’re diluted in water providing the confidence scopes are being cleaned with a FRESH enzymatic detergent that aggressively begins the cleaning process on both the external surface and internal scope channels.

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