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When it comes to surgical lighting, seeing is believing. Surgeons must be able to trust what they see and not be distracted by the need for excessive lighting adjustments in order to possess the supreme confidence and patient focus they need when they enter the OR. Each of our surgical lighting systems has been designed with these key imperatives in mind.

With advanced features, new capabilities and consistent natural color illumination, Volista Surgical Lights provide the ideal price/performance balance. White LEDs deliver true tissue color and optical parameters remain consistent at all settings. Two versions of the lightheads are available, allowing you to build a custom Volista system that meets your unique surgical needs and budgetary requirements.

PowerLED II Surgical Lights delivers consistent, clear and uniform illumination. Provides precise tissue visualization to help surgeons accurately assess the surgical site and devote their full attention to the procedure and patient. Best-in-class innovations control glare, reduce eye fatigue, provide natural tissue rendering, eliminate shadows from obstruction, and minimize the need for constant adjustments.

The Lucea 50 and 100 Series Surgical lights were developed to provide any operating or ICU room with high-quality illumination using advanced LED technology. An innovative design combined with a functional triangular shape offer and efficient product to medical staff. Available in a choice of ceiling or wall-mounted units, mobile lights, as well as battery operated version. Both lights also feature a sterilizable handle and optional remote control.

With hundreds of modular options and accessories to choose from, all of Getinges Surgical Tables adapt to the patient and surgeon – not the other way around. Therefore, comfort and safety are never sacrificed to achieve unrestricted access to the surgical site.

The Yuno II Mobile Operating Table is engineered with a highly adaptable and easily configurable design to accommodate a full range of complex orthopedic procedures and patient positioning requirements. It is especially effective in facilitating the minimally invasive Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) to hip joint replacement. Meera Multi-disciplinary Mobile Operating Table allows for you to perform a wide range of surgical procedures on a single accessory-enriched mobile platform that reduces the need to invest in expensive, underutilized specialty tables. The Meera Mobile Operating Table provides superior and uncompromised patient comfort, access and safety across the full spectrum of surgical disciplines.

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