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Illuvia® Continuous Air Decontamination System

Aerobiotix, Inc.

High-grade HEPA filtration has long been the gold-standard for clearance of airborne viruses and bacteria. Aerobiotix units combine HEPA filtration with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation in a free-standing air decontamination device with non-turbulent air outflow for use in procedural environments.

The Illuvia® system is an FDA registered Class-II medical device which is labeled to reduce the risk of airborne infections in the surgical patient. Aerobiotix devices have undergone independent testing by the Center for Aerobiology at the Research Triangle Institute, demonstrating 100% inactivation efficiency in single-pass virus testing, using MS2 virus at 450 cubic feet of air per minute.

Illuvia® systems also perform real-time monitoring and logging of O.R. airborne particulate levels, to provide functional feedback to caregivers and perioperative staff regarding environmental cleanliness.

Peer-reviewed studies show a reduction in surgical site infections and a safer OR environment for patients and staff:
  • Reduced occurrences of PJI from 1.9% to 0%
  • Kills 100% viruses, 99.97% bacteria and 99.91% spores
  • C-UVC units lowered total and viable airborne particles in an OR setting at the Cleveland Clinic.

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