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HEMOBLAST Bellows is indicated in surgical procedures as an adjunct to hemostasis when control of minimal, mild, and moderate bleeding by conventional procedures is ineffective or impractical, except in neurosurgical, ophthalmic, and urological procedures.

The (porcine-derived) collagen in HEMOBLAST Bellows supports a controlled swell. Additionally, in the coagulation cascade, collagen is known to induce platelet aggregation and coagulation.
HEMOBLAST Bellows is the only hemostat that contains (bovine-derived) chondroitin sulfate, included for the purpose of providing cohesion between the wound and surrounding tissue.
HEMOBLAST Bellows contains (human-derived) thrombin. Thrombin converts fibrinogen into fibrin, a basic element in a blood clot. The clot formed by HEMOBLAST Bellows offers visibility of the wound site after application. The hemostatic powder resorbs within 4 weeks.

HEMOBLAST Bellows is supplied as a bellows pre-loaded with 1.65 grams of hemostatic powder and a 10 cm nozzle extension. It is the only hemostatic agent clinically proven effective on the validated SPOT GRADE™ scale for minimal, mild, and moderate bleeding up to 117.3 mL per minute. HEMOBLAST Bellows is Ready to Use and requires no reconstitution, mixing, or thawing.
HEMOBLAST Bellows is versatile with demonstrated efficacy on for focal (pooling/flowing) bleeding and allows broad coverage to treat large area bleeding* without the need for a power source or spray kit. It is also effective on bone and soft tissue and can be used in laparoscopic procedures,

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