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Getinge Robotic Instrument Reprocessing Solutions


With the introduction of da Vinci racks (Si and Xi) in the US, Getinge now provides reprocessing for central sterile departments with comprehensive robotics instrumentation. Each da Vinci Si and da Vinci Xi rack holds up to eight Si or Xi EndoWrist® instruments, equal to two full surgical sets plus two spares. This generous capacity helps promote an increase in the number of da Vinci surgeries that can be scheduled daily. Both the Si and Xi rack can be used in conjunction with Getinge’s 4-level wash cart, and the Si rack can accommodate Si Base, Single Site and Stapler EndoWrist® instruments all in the same process. The validated Getinge racks, coupled with a dedicated, advanced frequency-pulsating processing program, make it possible to rinse and disinfect complex da Vinci EndoWrist® instruments in Getinge’s 86 Series Washer-Disinfectors and installed base of 88 Turbo units. 86 Series Washer-Disinfectors’ high-capacity chambers are designed to accommodate up to 18 DIN trays per cycle. This helps ensure uninterrupted surgical workflows and eliminates the risk that critical instrument sets may not be available when and where they are needed.
The S-8668T Washer-Disinfector from Getinge features turbo (multitasking) functionality that reduces the non-productive time needed for filling and draining process water. This efficiency reduces process time by as much as 25% — no comparably sized unit is more productive. From pre-cleaning, manual cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning through thermal disinfection, prep and pack, instrument tracking and sterilization, Getinge has the reprocessing solution. To learn more click on the links below.

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