The TQI Doppler

Vascular Technology Inc.

VTI’s new Trans-Q-taneous Intraoperative (TQI) Doppler System was designed to provide surgeons with a reliable and cost-effective Doppler solution for the OR.  Unlike other traditional handheld Doppler systems, the TQI Doppler has two distinct modes of operation – “transcutaneous” and “intraoperative”.  The transcutaneous mode allows for easier identification of vessels through the skin, while the intraoperative mode provides a level of acoustical output that meets the FDA requirements for invasive use.  With its dual modes of operation, the TQI system allows for clinical optimization of the Doppler signal, making the system ideal for vascular and reconstructive procedures. In addition, the TQI Doppler System uses sterile, single-use Doppler probes which provide a higher degree of performance reliability when compared to Doppler probes that undergo repeated sterilization.  Re-sterilization inherently leads to a deterioration of Doppler functionality; this can result in inconsistent and erratic performance with reusable Doppler systems.  And, when you look at the hidden costs of using an unreliable reusable Doppler, VTI’s disposable Doppler probes provide a cost-effective solution for ORs. Unlike reusable Doppler probes, the VTI Single-Use Doppler Probe meets Medicare’s criteria as a separately billable sterile, single-use supply and may be billed using revenue code 0272. View our cost analysis sheet under the PDF section for details. Visit our website to view our full line of Doppler systems and disposable probes to meet all your surgical specialty needs.

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