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Mizuho OSI® Patient Care Kits

Mizuho OSI® Patient Care Kits provide support, positioning and isolation during surgical procedures. These vacuum-packed disposables designed to manage pressure, shear and friction forces during surgery. We guarantee that your Patient Care Kits are made to the latest Mizuho OSI table specifications and offer training for your staff on the proper use and care.

Avra™ System

Avra™ provides critical information to support pressure injury prevention programs with visual and audible notification to the clinician of tissues deemed at risk for pressure injury. Cumulative pressure exposure data may be shared with post-operative personnel to ensure proper pressure relieving interventions are carried out in the continuum of care. Avra uses an intelligent algorithm to alert clinicians of pressure injury risk based on a pre-operative risk assessment. Facilitates positioning for optimal pressure redistribution and takes the guesswork out of patient positioning.


The ProneView® Protective Helmet System is engineered to optimize pressure redistribution and reduce the risk of central retinal artery occlusion by minimizing pressure on the eyes. The mirror base allows continuous eye monitoring during surgery, so your anesthesiologist can perform all necessary checks with ease. It’s also adjustable to accommodate kyphotic patients. Since ProneView is contoured, it distributes pressure better than a flat block of foam. Cushions are available in small, medium and large sizes, vacuum sealed for easy storage.

Tempur-Pedic® Medical Pads

Tempur-Pedic® Medical Table Pads provide support, positioning and pressure redistribution during surgical procedures. You can feel the difference in a Tempur-Pedic Medical Pad just by touching it. It’s called Progressive Resistance Technology. It means the more deeply a patient compresses a Tempur-Pedic® Medical Pad, the more it envelops the contact points with a fluid density that reduces peak pressures. This allows extraordinary weight support through pressure redistribution while remaining optimally comfortable to the patient. Studies show Tempur-Pedic material provides up to 4 times the pressure reduction of conventional polyurethane in controlled testing.

GentleTouch® Prone Positioning Pillows

Single-use GentleTouch® Prone Positioning Pillows support the patient’s head for safe positioning, without hindering access to the anesthesia circuit. Made from our exclusive Contourethane™ to equalize pressure on the face and Supportethane™ to cradle the head for maximum safety and comfort. There’s no glue anywhere on the inside edge, which allows the foam to more easily conform to the patient’s face.

NervPro™ System

NervPro™ System protective pads are specifically designed to protect the patient’s upper extremity peripheral nerves during supine surgery, in line with ASA and AORN safety standards.The pads support natural hand positioning, distribute weight over the entire arm length and minimize pressure on the radial, ulnar and median nerves.

Orange Aid® Gel Pads and Positioners

Orange Aid® Gel Pads and Positioners bring the added protection of G3 Gel™ to help prevent potential pressure and shear-related complications by distributing pressure and dissipating heat. These pads are specially constructed to stand up to the rigors of the Operating Room environment. Impervious to body fluids, they will retain their clean and attractive appearance while requiring a simple cleaning with standard hospital grade disinfectant. The distinctive orange color helps avoid inadvertent disposal.


Hana® Table

The Hana® Orthopedic Surgery Table is much more than a table: it's a patient positioning device that enables a multitude of orthopedic procedures. With its unique capability to position the patient’s legs independently and provide traction, the Hana table is ideal for hospitals and ASCs. The table supports a number of procedures including the anterior approach to total hip replacements (AATHA), hip arthroscopy, hip fractures, and lower limb fractures in either the supine or lateral position. The leg spars allow for hyperextension, abduction, adduction and external rotation of the legs. Fully radiolucent carbon fiber construction provides for unobstructed intraoperative imaging.

Trios® Table

The Trios® Surgical Table System offers a dual column modular platform for spine, imaging, and orthopedic trauma procedures. Features of the table include a unique tabletop locking interface, single push electronic floor locks and a streamlined 180° patient rotation mechanism. Simple to set up and intuitive to use, Trios simplifies your workflow and adds an extra margin of safety to your OR.

ProAxis® Table

The ProAxis® Spinal Surgery Table is our most advanced spine surgical table, with a unique radiolucent hinge design that supports more precise intraoperative spinal adjustments. Suitable for simple and complex spine cases, the ProAxis is the only table on the market that allows surgeons to flex and extend the lumbar spine during surgery. This dynamic, radiolucent table easily converts from an open frame to a radiolucent imaging top, allowing it to support a variety of spinal surgeries requiring prone, supine, and lateral positioning.

Levó™ Head Positioning System

The Levó™ Head Positioning System delivers an entirely new level of precision to head positioning. Using the Levó, a spine surgeon can make precise adjustments to the cervical spine in a fluid yet controlled way, both before and during the procedure without breaking scrub. Simple, safe, and easy to engage, the product’s modular design offers the flexibility needed to support even the most challenging spine cases.

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