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Surgical facilities across the country are being asked to do MORE with LESS. This will especially be the case post COVID-19 when elective surgeries start back up. Schedules will increase, workdays will become longer, and weekends will book up. All of these things have the potential to create chaos if not properly prepared. ONE TRAY® provides a solution that allows facilities to meet these demands head on by processing loaner, consignment, and high turn hospital instrumentation in a fraction of the time it takes sterile wrap or traditional rigid containers. ONE TRAY® and EZ-TRAX maximizes reprocessing of orthopedic sets with the ability to take 6-8 trays down to 3 trays, saving approximately 4 HOURS PER CASE. This results in a 75% reduction in cost and labor to process TJA instrumentation per procedure. “A typical total knee would be 8-9 trays and we got down to about 3-4 ONE TRAY®’s. Then we incorporated and now we are down to 2 ONE TRAY®’s. – Dr. Robert C. Marchand, MD, Neurosurgeon & Robotic Joint Replacement Expert. Increase cases per day with no surgical delays and save time and money with ONE TRAY® and EZ-TRAX

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