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As elective surgery restrictions begin to lift, the importance of surgical instrument pre-treatment at point of use will be paramount. Immediately working to reduce the amount of surgical soils not only increases the longevity and safety of surgical instruments but it helps to protect against the formation of biofilm in hard to reach surfaces. In focusing on this critical step, ProEZ foam™ is essential to post-operative practices and procedures.

ProEZ foam™ is a Ready-to-Use Foaming Enzymatic Spray specifically formulated to start the cleaning process on soiled instruments and prevent soils from drying on instruments. The formula contains a blend of four unique enzymes, surfactants and anti-corrosives to quickly break down surgical soils while protecting instrumentation. For longer holding times, ProEZ foam™ has been verified to stay moist and protect instruments for up to 72 hours; and unlike gels, it won’t dry hard on instrument surfaces.

Neutral pH makes ProEZ foam™ safe for all types of metals, including surgical stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum trays, high carbon steel, plastics, and rubber goods. The powerful enzyme formula initiates the cleaning process and improves employee safety by reducing need for manual scrubbing.

Labor and Delivery or Emergency Services often present challenges to prevent dried soils during overnight shifts. They would be the ideal departments to start a trial of ProEZ foam™.

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