Patient Return Electrode

Megadyne Mega Soft Reusable Patient Return Electrode

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies

Megadyne™ Mega Soft™ Reusable Patient Return Electrode has been used in over 100 Million Procedures This versatile and easy to use patient return electrode may be used in a wide variety of electrosurgical procedures. Mega Soft™ increases OR efficiency and reduces the burden to OR staff. Mega Soft™ is easy to set up, no shaving or jewelry removal required and may be used for all patient sizes. Mega Soft™ is latex free with no adhesives and is compatible with most isolated generators. Mega Soft™ is economically friendly and reduces costs. Compared to adhesive patient return electrodes, Mega Soft reduces costs by 52% over a 2-year period. Contact your Ethicon rep to learn more.

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