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EZ Debride

EZ Debride by MDM Wound Ventures Inc

A first-of-its-kind instrument.


Designed by a surgeon and developed and manufactured in the United States, EZ Debride is a disposable, single use, first-of-its-kind product offering an easy and precise debridement method for both certified clinicians with little or no previous debriding experience* and clinical debridement experts alike.


EZ Debride allows for a uniform cutting plane and, with the proper training, allows for the removal of non-viable tissue and bioburden rapidly, easily and safely – particularly from larger wounds.


Each EZ Debride instrument is packaged in a sterile, easy-to-open peel pack and is available in boxes of 8.


EZ Debride is currently available for purchase in the United States with availability in Canada, the UK and other countries coming soon.


Watch our clinical demonstration videos to see how simple and effective EZ Debride is to use.


For more information about EZ Debride, about availability in your country, or to request a clinician visit and demonstration, please contact us today.

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