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Lexion Medical, Inc

LEXION is a comprehensive pneumo-management, smoke evacuation, and CO2 conditioning system for minimally invasive procedures. The LEXION system comprises of high-flow, real time insufflator, the AP 50/30, CO2 conditioning trocar, the InsuflowPort®, and active smoke eliminator, the PneuView® XE, to create the optimal surgical insufflation environment. Our goal is to provide innovative technologies that help patients return to their normal, productive lives faster.

  • The AP 50/30 Insufflator is a high flow, one way, intelligent insufflator that maintains pneumo regardless of leaks or spikes present. When paired with the InsuflowPort®, real time pressure sensing technology enables you to operate at lower pressures safely, whilst CO2 conditioning improves visualization.
  • The PneuView® XE is an active smoke eliminator that removes plume and all harmful contaminants associated with combustion, including viral particles. Desufflate safely with our patented vacuum break which eliminates ability of suction system to pull a negative pressure on patient.
  • The InsuflowPort® is a CO2 conditioning trocar delivers heated and humidified CO2 to optimize visualization and improve patient outcomes. By conditioning CO2 to 95° Fahrenheit and 95% Relative Humidity, you can effectively reduce cell desiccation, perioperative hypothermia, post-op pain and recovery times.

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