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Sterillium Rub
  • Enhance your surgical hand prep antisepsis with Sterillium® Waterless Surgical Rub. Made with 85% ethyl alcohol for high-level protection against germs, this CHG free formulation dries in 90 seconds, and provides sustained 6 hour protection.

Environmental Cleaning Essentials
  • The OR is a hub for any hospital and the stakes are high for teams cleaning due to the balance of care quality and cleaning without lengthy turnover times to affect OR efficiency. Medline has worked with experts nation-wide to develop a comprehensive surface cleaning and disinfection system inclusive of evidence-based products paired with education.

Solaris UV Lytbot
  • Medline recommends a comprehensive program which combines manual cleaning and disinfecting with a validated UV disinfection system. Solaris Lytbot cycles of 3-5 minutes produce pulsed xenon UV light at levels that will significantly reduce enveloped human respiratory viral pathogens similar to SARS-CoV-2, adding a reliable line of defense against unknown or undiagnosed cases of COVID-19 infection without adjustment to protocols.

Message from Charlie Mills, CEO, Medline Industries

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