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QSight is the industry’s leading cloud-based inventory solution for cardiac cath labs, electrophysiology labs, interventional radiology, operating rooms and ambulatory surgery centers. Using hand scanners, clinicians simply scan a product’s bar code to take it in and out of inventory. QSight’s unique barcode parsing logic along with its 600,000 SKU database will automatically populate all the relevant information needed such as product description, item and lot number, expiration data and so much more. And with QSight integrated directly into EMR’s, product usage is immediately reflected in the patient’s record once the product is scanned as used.

The ease-of-use in scanning products isn’t the real power of QSight. The real power of QSight is how that data is organized and used to simplify inventory management, eliminate costs and reduce risks. Using an intuitive user interface, QSight enables you to see at a glance important information including:

  • Inventory counts
  • Products on order
  • Products on par
  • Expired products
  • And so much more

QSight will even automatically alert you to expiring products, allowing you to move the product to where it will be used so you will use and won’t waste it. Recalled products are handled much the same way, through notifications alerting you that you have recalled product in your inventory.

Implementation is easy. You can be up and running on QSight and fully integrated with your other systems in as little as 90 days. And because QSight is easily scalable, you can start in just one department and quickly scale to other departments or even other hospitals.

To see a demo of QSight or learn more, contact us now by calling 877.774.448.

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