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Medela Invia® Liberty™ and Invia Motion® NPWT Systems

Medela LLC

Medela Healthcare is a global manufacturer of medical vacuum solutions trusted by healthcare professionals around the world. The Medela brand name is commonly recognized for our market leading breast pump portfolio for more than 50 years. But at our core, Medela is an innovator of medical vacuum technologies. We design uniquely innovative products in NPWT, Cardio Thoracic Drainage, Breast and Enteral Feeding, Surgical Suction, and Airway Suction. Keeping up with the time and NPWT needs, Medela has proudly offered solutions that simplify the delivery and management of NPWT, eliminating unnecessary clinical and administrative complexity since 2006. We have compassion for our customers and patients: Our integrated solutions connect patients to caregivers, paving the way for new services and advanced treatments. Our Invia NPWT System follows the international recommendations for NPWT set by the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) and offer an electronically controlled feedback system to maintain the therapy prescribed by your physicians.

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