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3. Zambia Legumes Program

Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA)

Legumes are a critically important crop in the Eastern Province of Zambia, accounting for 34% of Zambia’s soybean and 27% of its peanut production as of 2011. However, despite many past efforts to increase quality legume production and processing, gaps subsist and yields remain low due to the underutilization of improved seed, management, and harvest and post-harvest practices resulting in a decreased quality of produce such as through aflatoxin infestation. Legume processing enterprises also struggle to produce quality products with limited capacities in organizational, financial, and business management. To combat this, Farmer-to-Farmer Zambia’s volunteer assignments offer training in quality seed production, harvest and post-harvest handling practices (including aflatoxin prevention), as well as in improved processing, value addition, and cooperative financial and business management. For further information, please contact Mrs. Joyce Malasha, CNFA Zambia Country Director, at jmalasha@cnfa.org.

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