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Addressing protein and micronutrient gaps from early childhood (i.e. 1,000 days) to adulthood is challenging, especially among populations living in low-income countries. It takes the concerted effort of small growers and agro-processors to bring nutritious foods to tables. SIL and its partners in northern Ghana have developed a locally sourced complementary food called ComFA (Complementary Food for Africa), that combines the high-quality protein, fiber, oil and micronutrients of soybeans with vitamin A and the digestible energy of orange flesh sweet potatoes (OFSP). Using these locally sourced ingredients eliminates the need to import lower quality and more expensive complementary foods. ComFA is more nutritious, takes less time, fuel and water to prepare than commercially available complementary foods, and is naturally sweet, making it ideal for infants transitioning to table foods. Furthermore the ingredients in ComFA are less prone to aflatoxin contamination. Adequate nutrition is a key element to enhancing the lives of African families. SIL's DINES paradigm (delicious, inexpensive, nutritious, environmentally and culturally sustainable and safe) strengthens the linkages between farmers and agro-processors to bring a more diverse diet to improve child development and growth.

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