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Desmet Ballestra

New developments in deodorization technology are driven by the continuous need for more efficient processes (lower operating cost, higher refined oil yield and better vaporization of side streams) and the increased attention to the (nutritional) quality of food oils and fats. As profit margins in edible oil deodorization are small, further reduction of the operating cost has always been an important driver for new innovations. The bleaching process removes most of the pigments, traces of gums, soaps, oxidized products, polycyclic compounds and other impurities remaining in the oil. This deodorizer is composed of 2 towers, the first is intended to reduce the %FFA and color, while the second tower’s purpose is to distilled the GE formed in the first column, before the oil is returned to the first column for cooling. This process requires very deep vacuum in the column, therefore it is best paired with the Sublimax™ Ice Condensing system.

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