Evaporator Stripper

Artisan Industries Inc.

Strip residual volatiles from products that foam and moderate-to-low viscosity liquids. Artisan’s Evaporator Stripper has the ability to operate at pressures below 1.0mm Hg absolute and to perform simultaneous heat and mass transfer, which enhances its stripping performance. It can be added to sparge gas to further increase stripping efficiency and has the advantages of no-moving parts, short residence time and multi-stage stripping. The feed passes through a rising film evaporator to remove the bulk of the volatiles. The concentrated feed then cascades down over heated or unheated tube-and-disc trays where the remaining volatiles are stripped by the rising vapor. The tube-and-disc trays provide a fresh liquid film at each stage giving new surface for evaporation and stripping. The extremely low pressure drop allows operation at very high vacuum. Stripping is accomplished at the lowest practical temperature as steam or nitrogen may be sparged into the column to further enhance mass transfer.

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