Rototherm® Twin Screw

Artisan Industries Inc.

A screw barrel is integrated into the evaporator in-place of a conventional outlet nozzle. The barrel is oriented perpendicular, to the axis of the Rototherm®, and placed so that the screw is tangent to the rotor blades. A single screw, or self-cleaning, intermeshing twin screw is installed in the barrel. The screw device has its own variable speed drive motor and as the concentrated product reaches the discharge zone, the rotor blades push the product directly into the screw. The screw pushes the final product into a collection vessel or extrudes it through a die. The product itself can make a vacuum-to-atmosphere seal at the outlet of the screw. This allows to completely eliminate the potential for product build-up in the outlet. This is especially effective for materials that become sticky, viscous, tarry, and/or crust-forming as they are concentrated or dried.

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