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The Artisan Rototherm® is a horizontal, mechanically-aided, thin-film processor designed to handle a wide range of evaporation and drying applications. The bladed rotor creates a centrifugal force that keeps the feed against the heated process wall. The turbulent thin-film between the rotor blade and the process wall, covers the entire heated section at all times, regardless of feed or evaporation rates. • Reduced degradation of heat sensitive materials • Improved product quality • Higher yields • High viscosity capability (up to 4x106 cP) • Up to 99% evaporation in a single pass • High turndown ratio (10:1) • No dry spots or fouling • Smaller heat transfer area required • Easier installation • Easier to maintain • Co-current or counter-current operation • Less solvent required for cleaning This film is constantly renewed, as the concentrated material is displaced towards the bottom discharge nozzle, by the incoming feed. As the residence time is generally measured in seconds, the degradation of heat sensitive materials is minimized. As a reactor, multiple feed points, multiple temperature zones, controlled residence time and simultaneous evaporation, offer total flexibility for processing continuous reactions - some powder applications can also be processed in a single step.

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