Achiever Screw Press

French Oil Mill Machinery Co.

French Achiever screw presses offer outstanding features and reliability for full pressing to produce full press cake and crude oil from a wide variety of oil bearing seeds. Available in multiple sizes, depending on your processing capacity, the Achiever press yields high quality oil and cake with residual oils among the lowest in the industry when using the single pressing process. The Achiever screw presses can also be supplied for prepressing oilseeds to produce prepress cake prior to solvent extraction. French is the only company with a screw press designed to water-cool its main cages in addition to cooling the main shaft. When full pressing, this benefit reduces the temperature rise, reducing heat degradation of the press cake and crude oil, giving our customers a lighter color cake and higher quality oil. Please contact a French representative for a quote or for more information about French screw presses.

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