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D-SOL® was the first adsorbent introduced into the biodiesel market and is the original Dry Wash™ agent. D-SOL® products efficiently improve feedstock quality to enhance efficiency and productivity while also being used as a final polish to meet B100 specifications. These magnesium silicate-based products provide customized front-end and back-end solutions for all feed materials and biodiesel production technologies used. D-SOL® simply and efficiently removes polar contaminants such as water, metals, soaps, glycerin, sterol glucosides, gums and waxes. Let our experts work with you to simplify your process, improve productivity and maximize your profits. D-SOL® simply and effectively: • Removes contaminants • Enables use of cheaper feeds • Utilizes the original Dry Wash™ technology • Debottlenecks operations and extends capacity • Improves consistency in operations and product • Increases your bottom line!

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Other product: Magnesorb®

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