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Poor frying oil interferes with product quality, but throwing out old oil means throwing out money. Not just in oil costs, but stopping the line to switch to new oil means wasted production time, and pulling labor away from more important tasks. The problem is that filter media can only remove crumbs and debris. In order to best maintain high quality frying oil, it is necessary to remove not only the debris, but also the degradation products that cause off flavors, odors, and colors. DALSORB® Oil Purifier has been proven to maintain clean frying oil for over 20 years and can help you to reduce discard by over 90%. Customers have reported 91% reduction in free fatty acids, 47% reduction in polar compounds, a 70% improvement in color and lowered oil management costs by as much as 77%. Save oil, save product, save time. Use DALSORB®.

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