AnalyticalLipid Oxidation and QualityProcessing

IRmadillo Process Analyser

Keit Spectrometers

Keit enables better monitoring & control of edible oil refining processes by providing real-time chemical analysis with a breakthrough technology - the IRmadillo. The IRmadillo is a robust, mid-infrared spectrometer that excels as an in-line process analyser of liquids. Integrated into the crude oil inlet, post separators, degumming, or post-dryer & bleacher points, the IRmadillo measures: FFA, FAME, Water, Phosphorus (to differentiate between hydratable and non-hydratable phospholipids), Soaps, Glycerol & IV. Not only does it match the powerfulness of a laboratory-grade instrument, but it is tough enough as a process instrument to install directly into a manufacturing line to catch any problem when it happens, not after it happens. Because the IRmadillo provides real-time chemical analyses, Keit helps producers make faster decisions to run their processes more efficiently resulting in cost savings and better resource management.


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