Rachel M. Holder

Graphic Designer, Austin Public Health

Rachel Holder has 5 years of experience in the design field creating branding and collateral designs for companies and health organizations. She received her BFA from the Art Institute of Austin in 2012. She is currently a Graphic Designer with the Austin Public Health Emergency Preparedness team and has created magnets, coloring books, pamphlets, bags, spoon pens, bookmarks, and infographics for prevention messaging during the mosquito season. She splits her time tabling outreach events, designing messaging and materials, and creating content and monitoring the Austin Public Health Instagram and Twitter accounts. She worked on the Tire Take Back Day event in April 2018, which provided the Austin community with two locations to drop off tires and eliminated hundreds of potential mosquito breeding sites. She also assisted in the 2018 Flood Response in Austin, Texas, supporting the APH Department Operation Center (DOC), providing media coverage on social media, and working at the MARC (Multi-Agency Resource Center) giving out food/water to community members impacted by the flooding.