Emil LA Svoboda, DDS, PhD, FAAID, DABOI/ID

Emil LA Svoboda graduated from the University of Toronto with a PhD in Periodontal Physiology and a DDS. He is a Fellow of the AGD, Honored Fellow of the AAID and Diplomate of the ABOI/ID. After placing and restoring thousands of dental implants over 25 years, he found that he was inadvertently exposing his patients to residual subgingival cement. His extensive research has led to the identification of two root causes of prosthesis installation related complications. Once the problems were identified, Dr. Svoboda developed of a safer installation system that mitigates those specific root problems. Indeed, Dr. Svoboda not only created the innovative designs, but needed to create an entire system that would make it available to dentists worldwide. Dr. Svoboda spends most of his time sharing his work with people who are interested in making implant treatment safer. He has presented his findings at three MaxiCourses and across North America.