Maja Sander Bowler

2mag-USA Team
Daytona Beach, Florida

Stirring, shaking, + mixing is our specialty!

At 2mag-USA, we specialize in electromagnetic stirrers, and our 2mag/Variomag products are designed for lab automation + benchtop use.

Our stirrers: are compact, yet powerful; contain NO belts, pull magnets, or conventional motors, so are dust, maintenance, + wear FREE; are long-lasting + robust; and have tons more high-caliber features.

At SLAS, our 2mag/Variomag products are highlighted, but we also carry many other high quality brands in a wide array of specialized lab equipment + supplies--including shakers + mixers, circulators + bath tanks, lab jacks, pipettes, stirring bars + retrievers, containers + consumables, and much more.

Our local U.S. warehouse, conveniently located in Florida, ensures that products will be in stock + ship quickly throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, + beyond.

Visit our websites @ and for detailed product information + online shopping cart.

We also offer customized + OEM stirrers, consults, and video demos + testing.

Need a customized stirring system or have questions about a product? Call or email us!

We have 35 + years experience with inductive + magnetic drive concepts.

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