Nick Shah

Head of Assay Science
DiCE Molecules
Redwood City, California

Nick joined DiCE Molecules as the Head of Assay Science in 2018 and is working to leverage chemical evolution in small molecule drug discovery. Prior to DiCE, Nick was a very early scientist at Flexus Biosciences / FLX Bio and helped discover two drugs that are currently in clinical testing for cancer immunotherapy: BMS-986205 in multiple Phase II trials & FLX475 in Phase I. Throughout his career, Nick has been deeply involved in assay development for drug discovery while leading project teams and managing multiple large-scale screening campaigns.

Nick completed his doctoral work at the University of Toronto, studying the molecular structure and mechanism of an enzyme implicated in cancer. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University and aided in the understanding the mechanism of neurotransmission.

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