Category: Innovation & Research Practice

84 - Harnessing the Power of ORCID on Campus: ORCID Integration Lessons Learned

Tuesday, May 7
3:30 PM – 4:25 PM

Background : The university embarked on a campus-wide ORCID integration process in July 2018 with the Library's Digital Services and Technology Planning unit leading the charge. The purpose of this project was to enroll the campus community in ORCID and to capture their ORCID iDs for future uses in our Information Resources Enterprise Data Warehouse to assist with various campus reporting needs that are currently time-consuming tasks.

Description : The Library embarked on a multi-stakeholder approach of identifying and including appropriate campus departments and divisions. Coordination with Information Resources and the Library's Web Applications Developer determined the optimum infrastructure where ORCID iDs would be permanently captured from various options. Working with the administrative end users of the data helped determine reasonable output expectations and opportunities. A SharePoint workspace was created to regularly communicate with the 80+ campus members vested in this project implementation and scheduled launch.

Conclusion : Collaboration and open communication about the project proved to be valuable in progressing the project along and holding people accountable to various tasks needed to make this process successful. We are exploring various promotional strategies and determining long range onboard training requirements and campus requirements for ORCID iD inclusion in campus scholarly activities like poster sessions. We are also monitoring and reporting enrollment trends.