Pamela G. Tucker, MD

Medical Officer
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA

Pamela G. Tucker, MD, went to medical school at the University of South Alabama. She did a rotating internship in internal medicine as well as a residency in adult psychiatry there. In 1994, she came to CDC/ATSDR and did a two year ORISE fellowship in environmental public health.

During her twenty two years at CDC/ATSDR, Dr. Tucker has worked in many roles: as a health educator in over 75 communities affected by hazardous waste sites, as a producer of medical education case studies, and as a disaster responder. In 1994, she researched the question of whether communities who may have been exposed to hazardous substances suffer stress and distress as communities who have suffered from natural disasters can. An expert panel review of the evidence stated that these exposed communities can suffer from chronically elevated stress. In 1996, the agency proceeded with finding ways to prevent and mitigate this increased stress in communities suffering from acute and chronic exposures. ATSDR formed a community stress team. This team consisting of Dr. Tucker, PhD psychologists, masters level therapists, and community involvement specialists. They responded to over 15 communities request for assistance with psychosocial stress related to hazardous waste sites and accidental chemical spills. They offered community stress needs assessments, and worked with community leaders and members to identify cause of stress at those sites and finding practical ways to cope with them. Dr. Tucker has also responded to natural disasters such as Katrina and Deepwater Horizon.


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