David J. Scheiderer, MD, MBA, DFAPA

Director of Education
Integrative Psychiatry, Inc.
Sarasota, Florida

David J. Scheiderer, MD, MBA, DFAPA, is the Director of Education at Integrative Psychiatry, Inc. in Sarasota, Florida and the President of Tiberius Enterprises, Inc. in Roanoke, Virginia. An accomplished clinician, educator, and lecturer, Dr. Dave has established himself as a key opinion leader in the fields both of conventional mainstream psychiatry as well as functional medicine. As such, he is one of the most highly sought speakers in the nation on the topics of mental health and healthy aging. Dr. Dave also serves on numerous advisory boards and currently provides professional and technical expertise to several international corporations. In addition to his busy lecturing and consulting schedule, Dr. Dave maintains a private practice of integrative psychiatry in Sarasota.


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