Trent Virden

National Technical Support & Sales
Bluewater USA Inc.

Trent Virden, National Tech Support and Sales, Bluewater USA Inc.

Licensed Master Plumber, State of Texas, 28yrs Experience in Water Treatment

Trent Virden has worked for Bluewater USA Inc since early 2016 in a lead Technical Support role where he leverages his almost three decades of water sector experience to assist end users, dealers and others with technical information, installation instruction, application of equipment, and repairs.

With 28 years of experience in the Water Treatment profession, Trent began his career at a small independent plumbing company in the 80's and transitioned into water treatment in 1991. During his career he has served in many capacities, including Service, Installation, Sales, and Application of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial water treatment systems.

During his career Trent has either assisted or personally designed, and installed hundreds of commercial and industrial reverse osmosis and softener systems. Beginning his career in Midland, Texas, he was exposed to some unique water problems, with municipal water quality ranging from 1500-3000 PPM, and well water applications of over 6000 PPM, with extremely high hardness levels. This type of exposure has given Trent a unique, and versatile water treatment service and application experience, beyond what the average water technician would experience.

Installing reverse osmosis systems, and servicing them is right up Trent's alley, having installed well over 100 restaurant systems consisting of reverse osmosis, and water softeners, as well as larger industrial reverse osmosis systems up to 500GPM. Trent has a broad range of experience in different applications of reverse osmosis systems, from glass manufacturing, to water jet cutters, semi-conductor, and food service.


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