Doug Haring MWS, CI, CSR

Sales and Application Specialist - Technical Services
Clack Corporation

Douglas C. Haring MWS, CWR, CI is part of the Technical Services Division of Clack Corporation, a manufacturer of Water Treatment Equipment for the commercial, industrial, and residential markets. He has been a Certified Member of the Water Quality Association since 1983. Prior To joining Clack, his experience in the Water Quality Improvement Industry includes 10 years when he owned and operated an Independent Dealership, and 21 years on the OEM level. Haring has been active on several WQA Committees as well as serving on the FWQA and EWQA Board of Directors. Haring is an Applications Specialist and Technical Trainer for Clack and presently holds WQA Professional Certification levels: Master Water Specialist, Certified Water Treatment Representative, and Certified Installer.


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