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VS15-10 - Rare case reports of pelvic cysts surgery

Sun, Sep 23
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Introduction & Objective : pelvic cysts (PCs) may have different organ localisation and clinical manifestations and are frequently diagnosed as accidental findings. Imaging studies are key for optimal diagnosis and assessment of PCs. Our work demonstrates three rare case reports of PCs.

Methods :

radiological assessment included pre- and postoperative MRI with dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) imaging and TRUS. The first case represents a patient who complained of urethrorrhagia and was diagnosed with a pelvic cyst that was adjacent to prostate and showed no defined organ attachment. In the second case, a patient complained of a yellow urethral discharge and had a combination of a seminal vesicle cyst with an ipsilateral renal agenesis, which is typical for Zinner syndrome. In the third case, a patient had complaints of perineal discomfort caused by multiple cysts located in the rectovesical pouch.

Results : in all cases PCs were removed using minimally invasive (i.e., laparascopic or robotic) approach; histopathological examination revealed no signs of malignancy and no abnormalities were seen on control MRI scans. The patients had no subsequent complaints.

Conclusions : PCs represent a rare pathology with non-specific clinical manifestations and complex diagnosis. Management of such patients should include DCE MRI and be personalised.

Anna Kondrashina

Moscow, Moskva, Russia

Evgeny Bezrukov

Head of the urological department №1
Sechenov University
Moscow, Moskva, Russia

Leonid Rapoport

Deputy Director
RI for Uronephrology, Sechenov University
Moscow, Moskva, Russia

Andrei O. Morozov

Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
Moscow, Moskva, Russia

Roman Slusarenco

Moscow, Moskva, Russia

Nikita Sushentsev

Moscow, Moskva, Russia