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MP31-18 - A comparative study of II. and III. Generation Litotriptors for shock wave lithotripsy treatment in patients with urolithiasis

Sun, Sep 23
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Introduction & Objective : Comparison of treatment outcome with II. (Lithostar) and III. generation (Lithoskop) lithotripters in patients with urolithiasis who underwent shock-wave lithotripsy (SWL).

Methods : A total of 1664 patients who underwent SWL with Lithostar and 840 patients who underwent SWL with Lithoskop in our department were retrospectively analyzed. Patients were grouped into two; stone free and residuel stone than each lithotripters were evaluated for treatment features, success rates. Clinically insignificant residual fragments were considered as residuel stone.

Results : Mean age of patients who were treated with II and III. Generation lithotriptors were similar ( 41 years, p>0.96). The total success rates of both lithotriptor were defined as 82% and 69% respectively (p2 stone burden group (69% vs 72%). Litotriptors have similar stone free rate for 1.1-2 cm2 stone burden (25%-24%) and greater than 2 cm2 (6% vs 4%). Number of sessions, mean number of shock waves and mean energy were significantly lower in II. generation lithotriptor (p<0.001). The rate of steinstrasse was higher in II. generation lithotriptor (7.5% vs 2.1%).

Conclusions : Second-generation lithotriters was found more successfull for the treatment of urolithiasis with SWL, in this retrospective study. However, prospective randomized studies are needed.

Çetin Demirdag

Cerrahpasa medical faculty
─░stanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Emre B├╝lb├╝l

University of Istanbul-Cerrahpasa
─░STANBUL, Istanbul, Turkey

Sinharip Citgez,M.D Department of Urology University of ─░stanbul-Cerrahpa┼ča,Cerrahpa┼ča Medical Faculty, ─░stanbul/Turkey