Category: Robotic Surgery: Lower Tract - Benign

VS10-1 - Robotic Sacrohysteropexy In A Pig Model

Sat, Sep 22
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Introduction & Objective :

In this video we assessed  the feasibility of robotic sacrohysteropexy in a pig model and tried to find out if this could be an adequate training model for this technique 

Methods :

Robotic sacrohysteropexy is performed to a 1 year old female white yorkshire pig with da Vinci XiÒ surgery system. Under general anesthesia the pig  is placed in the dorsal lithotomy position and pneumoperitoneum is obtained. A 8 mm camera port is placed periumbilically followed by three 8 mm robotic ports and one assistant port. After the ports are placed, pig is placed in steep Trendelenburg position and the robot is docked . Compare to humans pigs have very long tuba uterinas, to facilitate the dissections two tuba uterina is suspended  with  sutures inserted from the abdominal skin. Following the promontorium and rectovaginal dissection Y shaped Polypropylene mesh is inserted and posterior short leg of mesh is sutured to the posterior vagina. Two legs of the anterior mesh are taken to the anterior of the uterus  through the  windows created in the broad ligaments bilateraly. Vesicovaginal dissection is performed and two legs of the anterior mesh are sutured to anterior vaginal wall. Finally  long arm of the mesh is sutured to the sacral promontory. Peritoneum over the mesh  is closed and mesh is retroperitonelized.

Results : Steps of human  robotic sacrohysteropexy is performed succesfully in a pig model

Conclusions : With similar anatomy, pig model can be adequate training model for robotic sacrohysteropexy

Cem Başataç

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Istanbul Bilim University, Medical Faculty, Department of Uroloji
Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Ömer Gülpınar

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İstanbul Bilim Üniversite, İstanbul, Turkey.
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1983-1990 M.D., Marmara Medical Faculty, Istanbul
1992-1997 Urology Residency, Cerrahpasa Medical School, University of Istanbul


1997-2007 Staff Urologist, Metropolitan Florence Nightingale Hospital, Istanbul
2007- 2010 Assistant Professor of Urology, Istanbul Bilim University
2011- 2014 Associate Professor of Urology, Istanbul Bilim University
2014 -2016 Director of Urooncology & Robotics Section, Liv Hospital, Istanbul
2016 - Professor of Urology, Istanbul Bilim University


1. Robotic Urooncologic Surgery
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3. Endourology- Urinary stone treatment (URS and PCNL)

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